Date: 3/2024

Welcome to the dedicated page for our valued Legacy Vendors, where we celebrate your contributions and share exciting updates about our journey together.

Beyond a Marketplace: Your Partner in Growth

After thoughtful consideration and for the first time in our history, Foraged is changing its pricing structure. Prior to April 1, 2024, Legacy Vendors will have to choose from one of three membership plans, each with its own bespoke set of features and corresponding prices. 

This change purely serves to enable us to invest more heavily in your business. What might not be apparent is that our goal is not to increase our revenue from this change. In 2023 alone, for example, we invested more than $150,000 in advertising and promotion costs, driving new customers to your business. And, we want to continue this support for years to come.

Our goal is to support you long into the future by providing you with the tools, resources, and visibility you need to succeed. This pricing change more closely aligns our ongoing costs to ensure both you and Foraged can grow sustainable businesses together. 

We felt it was crucial to share our thought process to the vendors that have been with us on the journey behind this pivotal decision.

The evolution underscores our commitment to being your full-fledged solution and a true home base for you to grow with and not just being another platform to sell on.

Foraged Evolution

We started with a rudimentary, duct-taped together website in 2021. The site was slow, the features were limited, and the network was small. The tech was so poor back then, and the website traffic growing so quickly, that people frequently couldn’t access their accounts because our servers were so overwhelmed with traffic. At that time, and up until recently, Foraged has been free to use with only a 10% commission rate to help fund our investments in your success. 

Things have changed dramatically – for the better. From our early, basic website and handful of users, we’ve evolved into an industry-leading software solution with a huge arsenal of custom-built tools tailored to your unique needs – plus, Foraged has grown into the largest network of specialty food consumers in the country. Speaking of countries, Foraged has even expanded beyond the USA to more than seven international nations. 

It’s truly amazing how far we have all come together. But in many ways, our journey has only just started.

Our Impact

We grew this together, and among us are 800+ vendors from across 50 states and 7 countries united over a shared passion for exceptional food and products. Your commitment is what makes Foraged special, and we’re excited about our collective achievements. 

  • 24.1 Million Impressions: Your products grabbed millions of eyeballs, thanks to our investments in advertising your businesses.
  • 1.7 Million Product Views: A staggering number of potential customers engaged with your offerings.
  • 600,000+ Store Visitors: We directed a massive audience to explore what you have to off.

Our 2023 Investments in You

  • $76,500 in Coupons: To boost your sales, at no extra cost to you.
  • $74,000 in Advertising: Amplifying your presence in the digital world.
  • $200,000 in Software Development: Building you custom tools to make your life easier and your business more successful

This upcoming change will enable us to continue making such massive investments in your growth.

Driving Innovation Forward: What's to Come

We win together.

We’ve listened, and we’ve given considerable thought to how we can better enable you to scale your business and meet your evolving needs – for the long term. The feedback has been clear and consistent: you want a single solution for managing sales across multiple channels, as well as tools to make marketing and operations easier. 

And that’s why we’re more than just a passive sales channel; we are your true partner in your growth. Our partnership will achieve the greatest success when we make a mutual commitment. And it’s working: since January, all new vendors who have joined Foraged are already investing in their growth through our new membership plans.

You Asked, We Built:

  • Zero Fees for Your Existing Customers: Demonstrating our commitment to making Foraged your business’ homebase, we invite you to bring your customers and enjoy zero transaction fees when any of these customers order. Start inviting here.
  • Tap-to-Pay Mobile POS: Enabling you to sell everywhere with our in-person payment solution. With the Foraged mobile app and payment reader, you can now accept Tap-to-Pay and credit card payments — whether at the farmers market, doing a delivery, or anywhere else you sell. This innovation not only presents an alternative to expensive traditional POS systems (up to $250/month), but integrates with the rest of your Foraged ecosystem. Order your POS reader.
  • Unified Sales Sync: We recognize the complexity of maintaining inventory accuracy across online and offline transactions. Our solution simplifies this process and costs a fraction of the price (inventory management tools can cost more than $100/month). 
  • Customizable Storefront: Eliminates the need to buy a separate domain, pay for a website builder, hire a software engineer or a web designer. Our customizable storefronts provide a direct, brand-aligned online presence on a marketplace visited by millions. 
  • Advancing the Marketing Suite: Take advantage of our integrated Google Ads and email marketing tools to expand your reach and effectively engage with your audience. To do this on your own website would require paying for tools and hiring consultants to setup.

Exciting New Features Coming Very Soon

In the coming weeks, vendors on paid membership plans will enjoy:

  • Digital Invoicing: From your dashboard, easily send beautiful digital invoices for wholesale or custom orders to whomever you’d like. Orders integrate with the rest of your Foraged store, so everything is in one place.
  • Pre-Ordering & Local Pickup Options (Within a few weeks!): Customers prefer to shop online. Get discovered by new customers in your area and secure orders ahead of the farmers market, where customers can place orders for local pickup scheduled for exact dates, times, and locations. Bad weather doesn’t need to rain on your sales parade anymore.
  • Enhanced Data Analytics (Within the next couple months!): With advanced analytics at your fingertips, make informed decisions to steer your business towards higher profitability. 
  • Streamlined Shopping & Integration with Shopify (Within the next couple months!): Effortlessly manage your online sales with improved shopping functionalities and seamless Shopify integration.
  • US Farmer’s Markets Integration (Within a few weeks!): Our commitment to being the go-to place for consumers to find food directly from the people that. Consumers will be able to use the map to locate their farmers markets and pre-order & pickup from participating vendors. The map will also include your designated pickup locations. 

Note: These features will only be available to vendors subscribed to a membership plan

Foraged Membership Plans

While the newest Foraged vendors are currently paying up to $173/month to use Foraged, we want to demonstrate our appreciation for your longtime loyalty by extending significant discounts to ensure our continued partnership. 


At Foraged, we believe in growing together. That’s why we’ve designed a vendor-friendly fee structure that supports your growth without unnecessary burdens.
We do not charge any transaction fees for sales from your existing customer base – these are yours to keep, 100%
For sales we help generate through the Foraged marketplace, thanks to our marketing efforts and platform visibility, we apply a modest 10% commission.
This approach ensures that our interests are aligned: we only succeed when you do. Your success is our priority, and the commission we earn is reinvested into marketing and promoting your products, driving even more customers to your store
To enjoy 0% fees on orders from your existing customers, simply upload their email addresses to your Foraged CRM.
  • Everything in Local and Marketplace
  • Custom Website Builder
  • Live Support & Account Manager
  • Inclusion in Foraged-Funded Sales
  • Culinary Expert Connections
  • Premium Vendor Badging (Coming soon!)
  • Shopify Integration (Coming soon!)
  • Local Delivery (Coming soon!)
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement (Coming soon!)
  • 0% fees on orders from your existing customers
  • 2.1% commission on POS orders and 10% commission rate on online orders
  • Use code LOYALTY1 for 85% off
  • Nationwide Shipping
  • Discounted Shipping (70% lower rates)
  • Google Ads Integration
  • Dashboard Analytics (Coming soon!)
  • Couponing & Promotions
  • Fully Managed SEO
  • Email Automations
  • Customer Management & Communications
  • Digital Invoicing (Coming soon!)
  • Quick Support
  • 0% fees on orders from your existing customers
  • 10% commission rate on online orders
  • Use code LOYALTY2 for 75% off
  • Tap-to-Pay Mobile POS
  • Customer Map Visibility
  • Local Pickup & Market Tools (Coming soon!)
  • Dashboard Analytics (Coming soon!)
  • Couponing & Promotions
  • Fully Managed SEO
  • Email Automations
  • Customer Management & Communications
  • Digital Invoicing (Coming soon!)
  • Quick Support
  • 0% fees on orders from your existing customers
  • 2.1% commission rate on POS orders
  • Use code LOYALTY3 for 40% off

Earn up to $5,000: Invite More Vendors to Grow on Foraged

Refer new vendors and earn money. Every time your referrals sign up for an annual membership plan, we will give you $20 (capped at $5,000). Whether they sell online, at the market, or both, Foraged has the perfect tools for them.

Start earning up to $5,000.  

Make Your Selection by March 31

  1. Find Your Plan: Easily access plan options either from the “Select a Plan” button on this page. Or, from your Vendor Dashboard and by clicking the “Upgrade Plan” button at the top right or though Settings > Subscriptions. 
  2. Select Your Plan: Follow the simple steps to choose your plan and begin exploring its features.

Special Note for Legacy Vendors: Enjoy a grace period with no billing until April 1, 2024. Meaning, if you select a plan today, you will not be charged until April 1, 2024.

If you have not selected a plan by April 1, 2024 – you will no longer be able to sell on Foraged.

If you need a visual on how to do this, check out the Help Center article HERE.

Questions or need assistance? Our dedicated team is here to help you every step of the way.


How do I select a plan?

Choosing the right subscription plan on Foraged is straightforward. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. 1. Accessing Plan Options:

  • Navigate to your Vendor Dashboard.
  • Click on “Upgrade Plan” button located at the top right corner, or alternatively, go to Settings and click on “Subscriptions” to view your options.
  1. 2. Starting Your Trial:

  • From there you will be taken through a series of steps to complete your selection. 

Billing Information & Grace Period:

Please note, there will be a grace period for Legacy Vendors only meaning we will not bill you for the plan until April 1 – that means if you select a plan on March 6, 2024, we will not charge you until April 1, 2024.

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What happens if I don't transition to the new plans?

If you do not select a plan before April 1, 2024 – on April 1 your storefront will no longer be available on Foraged. Though, you still will have access to a few tools to ensure you can get paid out and access critical information.  

When will this new pay structure take effect?

The last day to select a plan is March 31, 2024. Meaning, on April 1, 2024 all vendors will be following this new pay structure. 

When will I be charged the subscription fee?

Please enjoy a Legacy Vendor grace period through March 31, 2024. Meaning, we will not bill you for the plan until April 1 – that means if you select a plan on March 6, 2024, we will not charge you until April 1, 2024.

Will plan pricing change after the first year?

We will always offer our long-time, loyal vendors the best rates we possibly can. We are happy to discuss more discounts for you next year as well.

You can earn multiple months for free by referring your friends to Foraged too. Click here to earn $20 for every vendor you refer, after they commit to a plan.

How can we get in touch with you to chat more about these changes?

If you have any questions, please reach out to Additionally, you can schedule a call with Jules here

Will there be any support or resources available to help with the transition?

Absolutely. We are here to help you every step on the way. Please email us at or simply schedule a call with us above. 

How can I provide feedback on the new plans?

We’d love to hear feedback from you! Please send us an email at with the subject line “Feedback”.

Will there be any changes to the payment processing or payout frequency?

There will be no changes to the payment processing or payout frequency when you switch to the new plans.

The system for payout will remain the same.