Sell Baked Goods with Foraged: Tailored Solutions for Bakers and Bakeries

For Bakers and Bakeries, Foraged simplifies sales across e-commerce and local in-person sales channels. Drive revenue with pre-order and pickup options integrated directly into your online storefront. Reach more customers, both locally and nationally, and boost your marketing to showcase your brand’s unique story. Let Foraged be the secret ingredient to your success.

How foraged supports bakers

Pre-Order & pickup

Simplify sales with pre-order and pickup options, and whatever is happening in-person gets automatically linked to your online storefront with Foraged POS.

Market Yourself

Be seen in-app to local food seekers. Foraged ads make sure to bring in more local shoppers or gain a national audience with All-Access.

Express your brand

Customize your storefront to reflect your brand’s unique story, something that we've been told by customers make them come back to Foraged.

Recommended plan: local or all-access

grow your business with foraged

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