Sell Seafood with Foraged: Tailored Solutions for Seafood Producers and Purveyors

Seafood deserves a special marketplace, and Foraged delivers just that for Seafood Producers, Fishermen, and Seafood Purveyors. Enjoy expansive reach, a unified sales ecosystem for seamless operations, and cost-effective shipping solutions. Dive into Foraged where your sustainable catches and specialty seafood find the appreciative audience they deserve.

How foraged supports seafood

Marketplace: customers near and far

Direct access to food enthusiasts on the only nationwide marketplace specifically for specialty foods.

universal inventory management

Seamlessly link your storefront with Foraged POS for synchronized operations and simplified sales.

ship with ease

Make national distribution more cost-effective with our tooling and discounted shipping rates.

Recommended plan: marketplace or all-access

grow your business with foraged

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