However you prefer to sell, you can do it with Foraged

Whether you’re selling in person or online, Foraged’s variable product functionality caters to a variety of product types and needs, ensuring accurate and flexible customer pricing.

key benefits

In-Person and Online Flexibility

Sell your products by weight or other variable factors, whether at the farmstand, in physical stores, or on your online storefront.

Variable Product Functionality

From produce sold by weight to packaged products with different sizes or variations, handle it all effortlessly.

Experience the foraged difference

have questions?

Can I sell products with different variations on Foraged?

Yes, Foraged supports the sale of products with various attributes like weight, size, volume, color, and more.

Is the pricing for variable products automated?

Yes, our platform automatically adjusts pricing based on the variables you set, ensuring accurate and fair pricing for your customers.

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