Expand Your Reach Nationally

With the Foraged’s Marketplace Plan, reach an audience of 600K+ foodies on the only marketplace for specialty foods.  No frustrating plug-ins, no expensive website builders, and no tech wizardry needed. 


Seamless E-Commerce

Effortlessly set up and manage your online store with our intuitive platform in less than 5 minutes. No frustrating plug-ins or expensive consultants required.


Get discovered by millions of customers across the country, searching for unique products like yours. From Michelin chefs to enthusiastic home cooks.

Grow Your Reach, Not Your Fees

BYOC – bring your own customers. Upload your customer list to your Foraged store and enjoy 0 fees on their orders. Plus, use our email marketing tool to send campaigns to your customers whenever you’d like.

Simple but Advanced Shipping

However you ship, we have an option for you. Free shipping, flat rate, or live rate – all with major discounts included. 1-click label printing and automated customer tracking.

foraged mobile app marketing tools
email marketing for food businesses

Engage customers

Good-bye clunky contact forms, hello beautiful chat system. Our direct messaging tool is a delight to use – especially on our app.

sell by weight and more

However you sell, Foraged accommodates. Use variable product listings to sell products by weight, size, color, or anything else you can think of.

promote yourself

Your Marketplace plan comes packed with marketing tools such as coupons, email marketing, and more. Plus instant SEO perfection, customer waitlists, store followers, and more.

get social

It’s a huge pain to connect your products to social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Google… but not with Foraged. Your catalog is instantly connected and distributed everywhere.

Hear what our marketplace vendors have to say

“I have a Shopify site which costs $29.99 but it is not an eco-system of vendors curated by one mission like Foraged.”

Narda from thousand oaks acorn company

“Foraged has made this easy. With other selling platforms, it takes a lot of time to manage and list items.”



have questions?

I already have a customer list. Can I migrate them over?

Please do! Foraged is your new business home base. Your Foraged store comes with a CRM that allows you to upload your existing customers and track their performance. Plus, you’ll enjoy 0% fees on orders from your uploaded customers. Get started quickly by sending your contacts and email marketing campaign after uploading!

I sell in-person too at the farmers market. What's the best plan for me?

Because Foraged is custom built for food businesses, we got you covered. To sell seamlessly both online and in-person, join our All-Access plan. You’ll get a bunch of other features with All-Access to, such as the ability to create a customized storefront with multiple custom pages.

I’m new to online sales. Is Foraged's Sell Online feature easy for beginners?

Definitely! Our ecommerce features are designed with user-friendliness in mind. Even if you’re new to ecommerce, you’ll find our platform intuitive and straightforward, with resources and support to guide you through setting up and managing your online store. Foraged is perfect for without a lot of tech experience because we take care of so many frustrating aspects of setting up your own online store – such as Google Ads, SEO, product catalog integrations, email marketing, and more.

How secure are online transactions on Foraged?

Security is a top priority at Foraged. We ensure that all online transactions are processed through secure, encrypted channels, giving you and your customers peace of mind.

Can I reach customers outside my local area with Foraged’s Marketplace plan?

Yes, one of the biggest advantages of our ecommerce offerings is its ability to expand your reach beyond local boundaries. You’ll gain access to a nationwide audience, opening up new markets for your products.


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