Streamline your operations with universal inventory management

Stay organized and efficient with Foraged’s Universal Inventory Management. This feature is designed to give you complete control over your stock, whether selling in-person or online, ensuring you always meet customer demands.

key benefits

Centralized Inventory Control

Manage your inventory from a single dashboard, simplifying product tracking and updating.

Automated Stock Updates

Save time with automatic inventory adjustments after every sale, online or offline.


Amass a list of customers waiting to buy your product ahead of the season, and automatically notify them once it’s in stock.

Product Variants

Sell however you’d like. With our product variants feature, you can sell your products by factors such as size, weight, volume, color, or any other parameter you’d like!

Min/Max Quantities

Ensure you always have total control over your stock. For each product, you can create minimum or maximum order quantities. This helps with bulk orders or to reduce the risk of too large an order on one item.

Product Catalog Integrations

Marketplace and All-Access vendors will have their product catalog instantly integrated across Google Shopping, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

Low stock alert

Never run out of popular items with timely low-stock notifications.

Automatic orders (subscriptions)

Allow customers to put their purchases on autopilot

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have questions?

How does Foraged's inventory management handle different product variations?

Our Universal Inventory Management system is equipped to handle various product variations, including size, color, and other attributes, ensuring detailed and accurate inventory tracking.

What happens if I accidentally oversell a product?

Foraged’s inventory system is designed to prevent overselling – you can choose whether you want to enable backorders or not! Minimum and maximize order quantities help stabilize inventory as well.

Can I set up automatic reordering for inventory on Foraged?

We’re working on subscription ordering as we speak!

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