Showcase Your Unique Story and Express Your Brand

Your brand is your story, and with Foraged, you can tell it exactly as you’d like. Our storefront customization features allow you to create a personalized storefront that reflects the uniqueness of your products and values. It’s easier to use than a website builder such as Shopify, and dramatically less expensive.

key benefits

Customizable Storefronts

Our easy-to-use page builder  let’s you customize your storefront to express your brand. Why bother with the hassle of making your own website? Foraged has everything you need, plus more, at a fraction of the cost.

Storefront Templates

Get started quickly with a variety of templates to help you create your ideal storefront. We offer templates that convert more sales and cover a variety of use cases, such as a product collections page, media gallery, about us page, recipes content, and more.

Brand Storytelling

Use our tools to narrate your journey, process, and the quality of your products, building a connection with your customers.

Visual Engagement

Enhance your brand appeal with high-quality images and engaging content layouts.

Experience the foraged difference

have questions?

How much customization is possible with Foraged's Express Your Brand feature?

About as much as you could want. You can differentiate your business with our extensive customization options. You can design your storefront, add your brand colors, logo, and create a layout that best represents your brand’s story and values. Imagine Shopify, but way easier! 

Can I get help with designing my storefront if I’m not tech-savvy?

Absolutely! Foraged offers lots of storefront and page templates, resources and customer service to assist you in designing a storefront that reflects your brand, even if you’re not technology inclined.

How important is brand storytelling in my Foraged storefront?

Brand storytelling is crucial in connecting with your customers. It helps build trust and loyalty by sharing your journey, practices, and the quality behind your products. Our platform is designed to effectively showcase your unique story.

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